Lichen Sclerosus and sex

The ideal situation for everyone with lichen sclerosus is to be able to manage the condition, to be comfortable and to be able to continue (or even start) a 'normal' sex life, for the rest of our lives. The ages of those who make contact range from teens and twenties to the over 80's - yes both men and women still enjoy sex in later life and it is not just the mechanics of sex, it is the affection and intimacy that goes with physical closeness. When sexual difficulties come along, many women (and men) shun affection and closeness for fear of it leading to a sexual situation that they feel afraid of or that they believe will be so difficult that their partner will not understand. Over the years this organisation has received hundreds of emails asking for advice on how to manage problems that occur in their sexual relationships as a result of having lichen sclerosus. There are bound to be more questions than there are answers for because everyone's sex life is unique to them, they will have their own likes, dislikes and beliefs. A good sex life is still possible. One of the keys to keeping your sex life alive, is to make sure that any problems are dealt with as soon as they happen. Some people make contact and say that they have not had sex for over 10 years and when you investigate further, what becomes clear is that the problem could have been overcome if it had been treated earlier.

Itching and soreness will make sex uncomfortable. Lack of lubrication will cause discomfort, not engaging in sufficient foreplay may also cause discomfort. Tearing will cause stinging and make many people afraid to continue. Narrowing of the vaginal opening is a common problem that can be helped by the use of vaginal dilators and if necessary, surgery. For men, if the foreskin is tight, there is help for this. There is no need to suffer. The medical profession can offer help. Labial fusion and also clitoral and clitoral hood fusion can be helped. Sex and sexuality is a huge, vast subject and is not only about the mechanics but the emotions as well. Some people who have developed difficulties with sexual activity then develop emotional and psychological problems. They find it hard to adjust to new ways of 'making love' - yes....'making love' is important. In the 21st century the population is bombarded with articles on how to have better orgasms (not helpful if you have clitoral damage), how important sex is and how you are really not quite 'normal' unless your love/sex life conforms to what writers, media and cinema describe. It is for this reason that some of the links here will lead you to explore other ways of pleasing your partner, new ways to show your love, new thoughts about your body and pleasure and how to share in mutual pleasure without penetration, something that has become known as 'outercourse'.

This page welcomes open discussion and not just if you have LS but if you have a partner who has LS and you need support too. You are encouraged to share here.

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  1. I have recently been diagnosed with LS and have been wondering if sex/clitoral stimulation is more damaging to the area/detrimental to my steroid treatment or can I continue a normal sex life throughout treatment and beyond?

  2. I was diagnosed with LS a month after I married my husband. We have been through hell with our sex life but we have finally started to get better. Sex hurts, burns, causes swelling, throbbing, knife stabbing pain, and is just not worth it to me. But obviously my husband needs to have intercourse so I give in, but I don’t want to. Don’t get me wrong, I have a great husband and he has been there every step of the way. But as young newlyweds, this was not the best way to start off our marriage and it’s very hard. I use lidocaine during sex and then have to put it on for about 30 min after intercourse because the pain is so bad. Hot showers help as well. I tried the Tricyclic anti depressants but they caused me to black out and one morning I slammed into the bathroom sink, so I stopped that. I just wish there were answers and ways to make the pain more bearable, I can’t even use tampons because they hurt so bad. I just turned 24 and have been married for 1.5 years, I know I can’t live with this for the rest of my life, my relationship might not last either 🙁

    1. When this group started in 1996, pain and LS were never used in the same sentence. However, over the years, it seems to be mentioned. The view held by many is that LS is not a pain syndrome but vulvodynia is and it can co-exist with LS, which makes it very confusing. All the treatments you have been offered are consistent with treatment for vulvodynia not LS and it may be helpful for you to do some reading on vulvodynia – try The VPS hold excellent workshops (if you are in the UK) and well worth attending one.

      1. I did what you suggested and looked into Vulvodynia, then I looked back into my my medical records and it HAS been mentioned. I guess they threw a lot of info at me and I over looked that. But it all makes a lot more sense now, thank you!! I can’t wait to start trying these other remedies I have come across.

  3. I was diagnosed with LS this week (Feb. 28, 2012), by the director of dermatology at the University of Louisville Cancer Hospital. I was first diagnosed with generalized morphea in 1994. Just in the last year and 1/2 my condition seemed to become more aggressive, affecting my genital areas. The doctor has prescribed the smallest dosage of Methotrexate (3 – 2.5 mg tablets on 2/29/12, again on 3/7/2012 and 3/12/2012). During that time I have two look workups and speak with him directly over the phone. By the 6th week I have an offe appointment with him. I’m curious about how other women have been affected such as: pelvic bone pain, severe joint pain, numbness (it’s primarily my left side from my hand to my toes). My vaginal opening is shrinking, I’ve seen physical changes almost daily in and on areas of my body. At this moment I’m in a bit of pain in my lower back into my left side. Feels like pressure or a pinched nerve. Does anyone else experience these?

    1. i was diagnosed 2 years ago my g.p kept giving me all sorts of creams to see if they worked then put me to the gyn were they were horrified to see how bad it was i was told that being diagnosed a diabetic 3 years ago triggerd it of i have been in a lot of pain since every day i have pelvic pain itching soreness and peeling of dead skin i also havent had sex for over 2 years as its to painful an i tend to bleed after sex am on dermovate and trimovate and epaderm and im still no better am up threw the nite changing all the time as i tend to leek then the itching starts am so depressed with it i dont go out anymore i find wearing underwaer so uncomfortible am due back at gyn in august so i will see what happens then

    2. yes yes and yes I’m sorry to say. And yes I also think it’s all related–though no one ever seems to want to tackle it as such. Dermatologists, gynocologists neurologists… how will we ever coordinate them? Plus the pathologists who ‘read’ the test results. I’ve recently had to repeat a very painful biopsy of the vulva and labia because they still weren’t sure what to do next, even after each specialist had had her own specialized pathologist redo the lab work. I’m still waiting on the new report(s). I wonder if it’s really about the pre-cancer mentioned by the dermatopathologist….and then what? I already have pain there and everywhere, etc. I can’t diagnose you but I have all of what you describe. I’ve been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, lichen planus, lichen sclerosis, etc.. must go,

  4. My lichen sclerosus developed after menopause. I’ve had it for a number of years, I’ve been every med. known to man_ creams, pills, deadening agents. Sex is impossible. I crave sex with
    my husband but cannot. I need serious help.

  5. My dermatologist prescribed Cetomacrogol cream for washing as well as prescribed use of Dermovate, the use of which does need to be explained to you, I was advised to use it twice a day for 3 months and thereafter as required. I find a tub lasts me for about 2 months or more now.. He warned me not to use soap, shower gels etc, to wash my hair separately, ie to have no contact of chemicals with any part of the body. I use a separate towel for my hair and a bath towel for my body. I notice I need to wash my towels more frequently than I used to. It took me a while to accustom myself to using the Cetomacrogol cream but I use it automatically now. I think lots of GPs don’t know about the problems involved involved and it is important to see a specialist. I did not enjoy my visit to the Vulva Clinic, where I was seen by the dermatologist and gynaecologist together, but I am most grateful to them for their advice in such a difficult encounter. I do wash my hands with normal soap because I must wash my hands countless times during the day since I do a lot ofcooking and have animals in the house.

    Husbands don’t really understand the loneliness involved in the sex situation, although of course it makes them feel lonely and unfulfilled, too. They seem to equate your reluctance to have sex with your not loving them. How could anyone not want to have sex with them? We can give them pleasure in other ways but that doesn’t cater for ours.

    I hope this is of some use.

  6. I find sometimes sex helps. I dont really want it if Im sore but sometimes the friction of thrusting really helps with the itching! I use dermovate at least one day a week and am awaiting a dermatology appointment.

  7. I started having a problem about almost a year ago of feeling very tight but blamed it on stress and was diagnosed with autoimmune disease during Nov 2011. The tighness became worse in the past few months, sex was very sore and would bleed afterwards. This has put alot of stress on my marriage and I feel I am letting my husband down. i went to see my Gyn last week and after doing a biopsy the result came back yesterday, positive for LS. I will be starting treatment as of today but fell extremely scared and alone. It feels as if this is an issue that can not be discussed with anyone as for some reason a feel ” ashamed” the stress level even feels more worse on my marriage as I am not sure that my hyubby understands…already I feel like I am loosing him…

    So unsure of what the future will be holding….

  8. I was finally diagnosed with LS about 3 years ago, I’m sure i have had it much longer. Like many others, I have suffered with lack of lubrication, itching, tears, etc. I have a long term partner of over 30 years, we haven’t had sex for more than 2 years this time. Can anyone give feedback on the use of Vaginal Dilators. I would like to try them, and the Dermatologist and Doctor at the GU cloinic agreed it would be a good idea. I just wondered if anyone has experienced any side effects, good or bad. Any feedback will be appreciated.

  9. i know how you feel after vulva biopsy a year ago i have only been intimate once with my husband and it is now starting to affect us has he thinks i dont love him but it is so painful,i have only been given dermovate so i may go back to my doctor and ask for the cream to wash with .to see if it helps.

  10. I’ve had lichen sclerosus for two and a half years now. I use Dermovate and Betnovate on alternate days, however I’m in constant pain and discomfort. I’ve not had sexual intercourse for the last 4 years due to vaginal dryness etc. following the menopause which I’m now post-menopausal. Can anyone advise me how to widen the vaginal opening or what products are available? My vagina is now virtually non-existent and the result psychologically is severe depression and lack of confidence. I’m only 62 and normally a happy person but the lack of intimacy and feeling like a “normal” woman no more is destroying me. Please help, as I want my life back!

    1. Valerie, not sure where you live in the world but there are things that can help the widening problem. There are dilators which can be used daily or at least regularly to stretch the opening and there are surgical options. ( I am 65 and used dilators for six years) Look at and ask your doctor about how you can be helped. Mail me one to one if you would like to

  11. Hi im 52 years old I was diagnosed with LS of the vulva and the anus 2 years ago by a biopsy and it is getting me really depressed. I have been suffering from depression due to the loss of my mother and im finding it really difficult to get my life back as LS is causing me so much pain. At this moment my anus is having a really bad attack I can barely sit down because im so sore also i have some bleeding. I use dermovate cream also the doctor has prescribed Daktacort as he says i may invection but neither are working. can anyone help and advise anything else to do ?

  12. I too just found out I have LS. I went in about 16 months ago and he thought it was just yeast infection and fungus, so he gave me creme for it but I could never get rid of it. Finally it got so bad I went back in last month. He gave me some Clobetasol and I was using it, but not seeming to get any better. I used it for 10 days. While using it I did some research online and came across this Perrin Natural creams. I have been using them for now for about 3 weeks, and the help with the itching and not bleeding is remarkable, and feels so much better down there. I use the Creme Complete every day, sometimes I even forget to use it , because it feels so much better. I go to my dr in August and have a follow up. He said if it was not better he was going to a biopsy. I never knew there was such a disease out there and to learn it was chronic with no cure was devastating to me.

  13. I am 30 years old, diagnosed at 22, suffering since 13… I am still looking for answers and a treatment program that works for me. I went two years not having sex after a painful biopsy by a careless ob/gyn, was finally able to have intercourse with a new, gentle partner for a few months, then after going for a routine Pap test, had a month long flare up and here I am, about to celebrate my second wedding anniversary and it’s been almost four years since we’ve been able to have sex…not that we haven’t tried. My skin is fused over my clitoris and my vaginal opening is considerably smaller due to scarring. I am due to hear back from a vulvar pain and sexual dysfunction clinic for an appointment…I will have to travel on my own dime to get there, but after all the ineffective creams, ointments, etc. I’ve tried I don’t even care about the cost…I just want help.

    1. Hello Annie
      Very often, help is hard to find but there is help out there. I hope your appointment with the clinic will go well. My own very personal view is that no woman should ever be allowed to get to the stage you are now at. There are far too many women who are where you are now and it seems to be as a result of poor care by doctors (at initial diagnosis) with not enough knowledge of how to treat this condition AND fear of steroids. Steroids help around 70% of patients to have remission and maintain their sex lives. (I am one of them – 18 years on and still having sex). Very often creams are ineffective because the steroid has not been strong enough or used in such a way as to make sure it is effective. In your area of the world, doctors are still not very knowledgeable and your experts are few and far between. The secret seems to be to hit the condition hard from diagnosis and keep on top of it. Women need to be informed early on if there are any signs of the vagina narrowing, so that they can take steps to reduce further narrowing, one of those steps is to keep up the sex life, or use vaginal dilators, once the narrowing prevents intercourse or insertion of dilators, surgery is usually the only way forward. The clitoris issue is more difficult, fusion can be treated with long term steroids AND massage but you need to catch it early, otherwise, again surgery seems to be the only thing on offer for us. I feel very sad that you have arrived at this place when you really needed help much earlier on and I hope that anyone reading this will get help for problems with sexual difficulties as soon as they start to happen. Four years on, everything is more challenging, physically, emotionally and psychologically. Annie, do please feed back to us and let us know what advice and help the clinic can offer you – it may help others and we would like to hear of your success, which is possible. Wishing you lots of luck and success with your appointment.

  14. I’m 17 and I’ve been diagnosed with this. I feel like my life is over before it’s even begun. Apparently it’s odd for someone my age to get it but it does happen. I’m just glad that my boyfriend (of only 3months bearing in mind) is really supportive and doesn’t make nasty remarks about it and doesn’t get moody when I don’t want to have sex. I just can’t wait to start treatment, I really hope this works. Everyone is different though and I guess it works on some people and others, it doesn’t. Hm.

    1. Hello Leah
      A couple of things for you. LS can affect women at any age, and really, making unhelpful remarks about being odd to have this at 17 is inappropriate and may come from a doctor who has not kept up with the more current information about LS. It is time doctors were asked to stop saying this to women! There are parents of children in this community who have LS at 2 years old. Treatment by ultra potent steroid is still the treatment of choice and is reported to be successful in 70% of cases. Often it is more about how the treatment is used and how well qualified the doctor is to treat the condition. Failure often occurs through undertreating. It is immportant to make sure your treatment is not less than the recommended guidelines, which can be found on this site. Hope all goes well for you.

    2. Hi Leah,
      I was diagnosed young too. In fact when I was just 8 when I told my mom “I was itchy and something was wrong with my girl parts”. I’m 21 now and I would call my LS stable. When I was around your age it got really bad when I started having sex. I just feel that since we’re close in age that we probably have a lot in common when it comes to this. My suggestion to you is to take it serious without letting it consume you. If you just use your medicines correctly you will be fine. I had the thought in my mind that was my life was over as well, but it’s not. It’s better for us that it was caught young because we have the opportunity to not let it affect us like it could. Just see your doctor regularly, ask lots of questions, and keep your boyfriend informed of what’s going on, but don’t let it consume you!

  15. Lolla – I see you wrote this in march, how are you going now? Your message seemed closest to my situation, and I feel a bit nervous of how all this will pan out. One can only get a “no sex pass’ for so long before trouble will set in, I fear.

  16. Hi there…I am 59 and diagnosed with LS last year after having problems with tearing, fissures at the base of my virgina for maybe 4 years…when I looked in a mirror after intercourse (because of the stinging and soreness) I noticed that the skin on the inner and outer labia and also tip of my clitoris had lost colour and was WHITE. I went to my doctor and she thought the dryness and splitting were menopausal and prescribed GYNEST which I used for a year to no help… I went back and she actually examined me and straight away diagnosed LS…I had an appointment with Karen Gibbon who was brilliant. I have Vitaligo which started with a tiny patch on my thumb in 2006 and is now all over my body and Karen Gibbon told me that this was related to my LS and she believes that the two are connected and the vitaligo is a manifestation of a traumatic (TO ME) event that happened and caused my auto-immune system to attack my own body……it makes sense to me because I hate the vitaligo…I look scarred and ugly..therefore being unhappy inside and feeling that I do not ‘FIT IN’ goes hand in hand with the theory…I am using Dermovate and Epidermol to wash with…but after having intercourse…first time in a year…soreness and tearing has occured..though I consider myself lucky as I at least do not have the fusion that some people have to deal with.

    1. Yes, Karen Gibbon is an excellent doctor and we need many, many more like her. There is a huge psychology about self image and self loathing but it can be helped and sometimes even healed, it takes a lot of personal work with a good therapist. (Try Mary Clegg or Lynn Jackson, there are links on the site.) Many of the published papers do describe how there may be other skin conditions along with LS or family history of skin disease, so I guess it all fits. (My mum has vitiligo but I don’t) Intercourse can be helped by using a really good lubricant – even in younger women and with the current trends in sexual behaviour, encouraged by over education of ‘modern’ sexual trends and techniques, men ‘power thrust’ so much more in the 21st Century than they ever did in the 60’s/70’s and 80’s. Nobody makes love anymore, it is all about sex and that little three letter word, is a huge, huge subject! It all counts and it all makes matters more challening for us. As a matter of interest, I know any amount of women at all ages, who do NOT have LS and yet they experience soreness and tearing during and after sex – something we need the medics to explore?

  17. It is so nice to see a place dedicated to LS and sex, it is a huge part of this disease so thank you for making this available. I was diagnosed back in March at only 27 and despite the crushing news I am grateful I caught it early. I have had some good success with the steroid ointment and have also included a compounded estrogen and testosterone ointment to my routine. My question is this, will soreness after sex ever go away. I don’t have pain during, but afterward I am red inside and often sore. I become fixated on if I tore and start to worry that this will be my sex life forever. I am grateful I can have sex but is this what I have to look forward to forever? How is it that there is not more relief for woman.

    1. Welcome to the LS Community Natalie. From the point of view of medical evidence from the doctors, I do not think there is a researched prognosis about whether the trauma after sex will reduce. You are so young that I would like to think that medicine will move on and something more helpful will be found before you get too much older. I am now 65 and have had LS for 18 years and can still be sexually active and I find using lots of a good lubrication helps this, and rinsing with clear water immediately after intercourse and then using Vaseline helps with soreness. More foreplay and less thrusting for long periods also helps! We need to educate the men who make love to us about what we need and we need to keep working for more relief for women Natalie. What I have noticed over the years, is that medical interest goes in ‘trends’ at the moment, the women who get vulvodynia are the focus of attention for research because they suffer painful sex, so when the balance will swing back to LS, maybe someone will try to do something about our challenges. I wish there was more I could say. Thank you for sharing. Take care and be well.

  18. I was diagnosed with LS about 3 years ago & like all of you thought my life as a sexual being had come to an end. However it didn’t & I have managed to more or less remove all signs of the LS from my clitoris & lips & enjoy a full sex life. One vital piece of advice I was given is only wear cotton knickers. Then I used Dermol cream to wash my private parts with although my GP is changing this to Cetomacrogol but for the moment i use Sanex pro hydrate bath cream. Internally I massage a tiny amount of Colpotrophine 1% & around my clit & lips I massage a tiny amount of Betnovate ointment. I use all three intermittently & the LS seems to have cleared up there is no trace of the white skin anymore.

  19. Hi all,

    Im a 3rd generation sufferer…My Gran has it, my mum severly has it and I have it.

    The itching and painful sex drives me crazy, sudocrem seems to help me for the itching along with the steroid creams and occassionaly pure aloe vera, my little girl has also had a few flare ups too.

    The question I wanted to know is, is it hereditery, ive not asked my Doctor and haven’t heard of it being hereditery?

    Also, Is it related in any way with psoriasis or eczema as we suffer with this too.

    Could anyone shed any light…. please

  20. I’ve had lichen sclerosus since my teens. I was diagnosed via biopsy in my 20’s. I use clobetasol propionate to keep my vulva from sealing shut, but it hasn’t helped my vaginal canal. My gynecologist has to use a pediatric speculum, and even that is agony. I’m 51 and menopausal and am married to a very patient man.

    One thing I’ve noticed that has helped my lichen sclerosus is taking thyroxine for autoimmune thyroid disease. I wonder if some number of us don’t have undiagnosed thyroiditis, as I’ve talked with other women who have both autoimmune thyroid disease and lichen sclerosus.

    Take care!

    1. That’s interesting Molly…I got LS after M.E. in my 40s, and more recently at
      the ME clinic they found I was hypothyroid. Put on thyroxine, my LS has
      calmed down too. I use Eumovate as and when required.

      This is a good, informative site; please keep it going!

  21. hi, i was diagonised with LS sept 2011, for me sex life is a big thing right now.I have a very high sex drive and seem to want it all the time,my partner who i have been with for 2 years, isnt so keen. After i was diagnoised, are regular sex life decreased alot, this made me very depressed and felt defeated by the condition i had.I dont wanna let it beat me, or take over. But my partner feels he could really hurt me and doesnt want it getting worse.I feel very depressed by this and feel like are sex life is hardly existent. Not to mention the cream they have given me to keep onto of it smells awful.

  22. I am 19 and for the past
    Month the two glands either side of my vagina have seemed puffy and raw I have also noticed some wierd possibly ulcer/abscess spots either side and it looks very red around them could this be ls? Please reply as I am going our of my mind feeling like my life and vagina will be ruined dorever

  23. I have had LS for about 2 years now. Unfortunately I am not able to use steroid creams consistently as I have another medical condition that is exacerbated by the steroids. I have stopped using any soap or shampoo with sulfates or parabens as the casue contact dermatitis on my hands. I have noticed an improvement in the cracking and itching just with this change in my hygiene.

  24. hello there i am new to this LS i had been told i have it but i feel i have had it now over a year. may be two. i started to bleed realey bad i am waiting to know what treatment will work for me. I have had a few biopsy taken last week, and i have just had a letter to have scan picures and a probe put inside in july. it left me feeling very unwell at the moment. my autoimmne had been damaged due to simplex type two virus i had been given, over three years ago. my new partner didnt tell me he was a carrier to this. i now live on my own in fear of what he had given me. the treatment had not been easy. can this be linked to the simplex type two. they had given me betnovate etc but that did’nt work i had to take tables to help it clear up. but thats not worked i seem to be happy just to shower with just water to help ease the pain. many times a day. hope you can answer and help me at the moment i cant walk with the pain i am resting in my bed.

  25. I have had difficulty with sex for a long time. I’m 42 and have arthritis, RayNaud’s, and a vaginal biopsy in Dec 2012 confirmed lichen sclerosus. I managed to get pregnant early 2008 but had such difficulty to have sex during pregnancy, and was told it was because of the pregnancy-it gets very sensitive down there during the latter months of pregnancy I was told. 6 months after my C-section and the pain was not manageable. I saw a Nurse practitioner who said the whole area looked swollen and sore and recommended a dermatologist. First biopsy was negative for LS. Moved to Olympia, WA and established with a new dermatologist and obgyn who were convinced it was LS-they could see it, I’ve lost almost all of the labia minora. It’s everywhere. Figure 8, as Dr’s put it. I had a biopsy to be sure, they took a lot of tissue, and it was positive. I have dilators and give some honest attempts to use then to help stretch the vagina that is very. very constricted but the whole area gets swollen and stings and burns and is sore for at least 24 hours afterward. I have and use lidocaine too. I have just been told to up my Clobetasol use to twice per day for 3 months and ‘don’t give up hope’. I sort of feel this is a last ditch effort. I am afflicted with auto immune diseases (mentioned earlier: arthritis etc) and wonder if there’s a connection. LS is ruining my life. When you can’t have sex your husband sort of becomes your roommate. He has not pressured me for sex – he has seen the repercussions-several years ago, before I knew what was wrong-II used a mirror to look there after intercourse. It was so red and swollen and my husband ft awful. Currently I’m having some pelvic floor therapy, using Clobetasol twice per day, I use a dilator and lidocaine before intercourse but we’ve had intercourse maybe 4 times since I had my daughter and my daughter is four and a half years old now! I will try intercourse again in a couple of months but I’m sure it will sting and hurt and swell. I’m discouraged and told my husband one night it would be ok with me if he wanted to have a mistress (to which he laughed and said ‘no’). I just don’t think a marriage can survive this, and I’m getting pretty depressed about it. I’d like to hear if someone had painful, burning, stinging, swollen sex experiences and had treatment and it worked – sex is no longer painful. So far, I’ve not really found anybody who has had painless sex after following a treatment regimen. Is anyone getting better??? Is there hope? And is there a link between arthritis, RayNaud’s and LS?

  26. I was just diagnosed with LS this past weekend. I have had intense itching since I was a child. It’s so embarrassing and its horrible at night. Also sex is plain old horrible (which is no fun since I’m trying to get pregnant right now). My GP has been prescribing yeast infection medicine each year I get my pap and it has done nothing despite telling her that I don’t think its a yeast infection.

    I went in for an executive health check recently and saw a proper gyno and she knew exactly what it was. I am so freakin excited that it is something concrete and real. I felt like I had some crazy psychological disease where I’d started a itch-scratch cycle that I could never break brought on by stress or something. I cannot wait for the day when I don’t itch 50+ times. Hopefully the steroid cream does its magic.

  27. I was diagnosed with LS about 3 years ago and have been using only Clobetasol. I entered into my first sexual relationship in years a couple of months ago. I am post-menopausal and was really worried about what would happen.

    We started with a lot of KY and after a couple of times we do not need any lubricant, Hooray for me! Then we had a bit of a rambunctious time of it last weekend and I became quite swollen with lots of pain the next day. I had so much pain in the clitoral area yesterday that I took some pain medication I had sitting around. Today I have been bleeding from my clitoris all day. Lightly, but still blood and it seems to be tapering off. I’m not giving up, we’ll just take it a little easier.

    In my instance, I only found out I had LS because I began bleeding from my clitoris. The gyn I saw the month before had me tested for clymadia. The fool, he could see that I hadn’t had sex for a long time. Thank goodness I then got a female gyn who has seen this before and knew right away what was going on. I had my first bout of itching last week and I hit up my boyfriend for some stress relief and the itching went away. I am hoping that I can continue along in this vein forever, but we know that only happens in fairy tales.

    I am sooooo glad that I found this site because this is something that only we really understand and can sympathize with. If I tell anybody they get this look of revulsion on their face and they back away. I only just told my mother and I didn’t tell her all of it, she doesn’t need to know.

    Thank you for your support.

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