UK Members of Parliament support lichen sclerosus

Peter Kyle, MP for Hove and Chris Williamson, MP for Derby North are supporting our requests for more awareness, better education and information. Both MPs are willing to be contacted by other Members of Parliament who may be contacted with similar requests.

A New Word in Vulval Health

Our founder has just returned from a European Vulval Conference that she describes as VULVALICIOUS! Meaning all the delicious information available for vulva disease. This word can be used to describe all things good, that help vulval conditions. A new kind of awareness? October 2018.

Vulval Cancer (UK Information)

Three women are diagnosed with vulval cancer every day in the UK. There is no screening for vulval cancer and women need to know 1. Their external genitalia is called a VULVA 2. That cancer can affect the vulva 3. The only effective form of screening is to learn vulval self-examination. See the vulval self-examination leaflet here Read more about …

Honouring Unsung Heros

Many Volunteers who are living with vulva conditions, work quietly in the background of life. They are not big internet stars with followings of thousands in secret groups but the work they do FACE TO FACE, away from cyberspace and in the outside, real world is powerful and very often overlooked. Internet groups are very popular and they do have …

Unhelpful Beliefs

Everyone has unhelpful beliefs. You will read many on forums all over the internet and in all health conditions. One of the commonest ‘symptoms’ of having LS, is not one you will read in any medical document. It is the belief that LS causes everything that happens to you after your diagnosis. For example, many women suffer tearing during intercourse, …