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Hello and Welcome.

This Association has a long history of informing and supporting the people of the USA, diagnosed with lichen sclerosus, since 1994.

70% of web traffic and visitors to this site are from the USA, which currently does not have a patient advocacy non-profit.

This Association hopes to build this page to offer our USA visitors information relevant to them. You are invite to share any helpful information that can be added here. Use the contact link.

The first thing to do, is to try to give details of doctors with experience of treating LS. Doctors and clinics in the USA are really very limited and due to the vast geographic nature of the USA, many people find they have to travel great distances to find experienced medics. Listed below are just a few.

University of Michigan Centre for Vulvar Disease

Centres for Vulvovaginal Disorders, Washington DC and New York City

KU Medical Centre, Kansas. You will need to contact them for details of their vulvar clinic.

Mid Charlotte Dermatology Research, North Carolina

Dr Ryan Sobell, Jefferson Health, Philadelphia

Dr Kathleen Posey, Gynaecologist, Madisonville, Louisiana.
Dr Posey specialises in the more complex and advanced cases of LS by using a her enhanced surgical healing technique to release labial adhesions and clitoral fusion. Feedback and patient satisfaction on the treatment they have received is very positive.

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