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Cell Therapy for Lichen Sclerosus
This page is written with the intention of being in the ‘best interests’ of patients who wish to try this treatment, as far as this is possible. Patients in general have a very difficult time trying to find educated doctors for LS in the normal way. As the new treatment can be very costly, the Association aims to offer details of professional, responsible practitioners rather than those who use inappropriate and misleading advertizing tactics.

Treatment in the United Kingdom
This organization is now aware of two doctors who are offering Fat Transfer in the UK, within the NHS but not yet for men.  For details of treatment for men, see below. It is not considered ethical to ‘advertise’ the names of UK doctors.  For details of the doctors offering the treatment, please enquire by email using the Contact page.  Please head your message UK Fat Transfer. The Association has now set up a Google Forum for support, sharing, discussion and for those who have undergone the treatment of may be thinking about it. To apply for membership, please use the contact form.

Treatment for MEN in the UK. Dr Casabona has recently shared that PRP only treatment is proving successful in men.  PRP treatment is not currently licensed via the NHS for LS.  However, a doctor in London is able to offer PRP treatment for MALE LS, as well as women. Please use the contact us page to email for further information and head your message PRP treatment.

Treatment in Italy
Please do not contact this organization to try to make an appointment with Dr Casabona as all appointments are dealt with by contacting him.
Please email: francesco.casabona@asl3.liguria.it

Treatment in the USA
Please contact Dr Elliot Lander of the California Stem Cell Treatment Centre.  A patient introduced this non-profit to Dr Lander’s work. He  has been using this technology to treat Interstitial Cystitis and is now offering the treatment to patients who have lichen sclerosus.

PRP Treatment in the USA
Dr Charles Runels, inventor of the O-Shot (PRP) is offering the treatment for lichen sclerosus http://www.oshot.info/


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  1. Heidi Wills

    I have had LS for almost 8 years and have had surgery to un fuse the clitoral hood. Over time it fused again and I had it un fused manually over several weeks. Again, over a period of time, it started to fuse again. I generally always have symptoms and along with some fusing again I decided to have the Stem Cell Treatment/Fat Replacement Therapy. It has only been a week so I cannot comment on how it went but I will endeavour to let you all know how I am getting on and of any results I’m experiencing, which I hope will be positive.

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