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As founder of this organisation, it has been the aim to offer information from reliable and well proven and researched sources, from a wide variety of international doctors who have made a commitment to offering the best to patients with genital skin disease. (Not only LS and not only in women but in men too.)

The following article appeared in a UK publication, The Nursing Times and it is copyright and can only be used to offer information, if you wish to reproduce this article anywhere else, you will need to obtain permission.  The article has been written by one of the doctors I mention above and by a very special dermatology nurse, Sandra Lawton.  Sandra has won awards for her work in dermatology and has the honour of being a 'Queen's Nurse'.  The article was written as an educational aid for those in the medical profession who treat vulval disease.  I hope you will find this a helpful article to read and I hope it will take away the fear so many people have about using steroids to treat LS.  A particularly useful article if you have a doctor who does not tell you how to use your treatment to its best ability and merely says  'use sparingly'.  WLSS asks the question - how big and how much and how often is 'sparingly'.  If you have a doctor who only offers you this information, when there is so much more that can be done with treatment, then think about sharing this article with them and tell them about the British Association of Dermatologists guidelines for treating lichen sclerosus.

Read article here:  Vulval Skin Disease Clinical features, assessment and management.

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  1. Thank-you for this informative and reassuring article. I am in the nursing profession but have read the article for personal information.
    Today i have been to my G.P and have been commenced on treatment for L.S. I feel in shock and have been on the internet most of the day, greedy for as much information as i can gather.
    I have found this article most helpful.

  2. I was diagnosed with LS during a major surgery repair to the vagina.
    I am a breast cancer survivor so I cannot take HRT. I suffer from dryness as well as LS symptoms.
    The Cortisone ointment is ok but I need to be able to stop the pain and stinging. Someone suggested Pure White Paraffin and I am going to my doctor today to discuss it.
    I was told many years ago not to use soaps as I am a Diabetic and my skin reacts badly to any type of soap. I dont have any problem and do not miss it at all. When shampooing I have to lean to not get any soap on my skin.
    I have found this site very informative and helpful.

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