Crochet Flowers for Vulval Cancer and ViN

The Vulval Health Awareness Campaign was formed in 2000 to raise awareness and profile of vulval disease. Sadly our dedicated website was no longer viable and we had to close. We still continue the campaign, which was always under the umbrella of this Association.

In February, our health awareness month, we aim to have a yarn (bombing) installation at a venue in Brighton, UK, where we are based.

We will open a support group for women who have vulval cancer and VIN in September at the Macmillan Centre in Brighton. Download flyer here.

Read here for details of the Flowers for Cancer and VIN ideas and information. From time to time, we hope to publish some of the flowers that are made and donated.

If you are taking part, we want to offer you our heartfelt thanks.

(Founder ALSVH - a person living with lichen sclerosus since 1994)