Awareness and Education

Lichen Sclerosus has been known about since 1887. The internet now has an overload of published studies but they do not address education and awareness for the public or for students at medical schools.
There is no regulation anywhere for medical students to be educated about lichen sclerosus in both genders and in many respects, this contravenes the standards set out by the World Health Organization.
This Association would like to offer information that can be used anyone with a dedicated interest to raise awareness in their local communities.
This Association is based in Brighton, UK and is carrying out a pilot scheme to put into practice the idea of local awareness and education. The hope is that others will be encouraged to follow this process. Please visit this page often as documents and information will be added regularly.

Please circulate the following two important documents.

Lichen Sclerosus Manifesto

Children's Charter

ASLVH has found a that education for dermatology conditions in the UK is very poor and that in general, no regulated education in genital skin disease is offered to students.
See these two reports.(Links coming soon.)

Dermatology Council for England Report