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This page contains links to articles about sex, love, relationships and if you wonder what they have to do with having LS and sex, then read them more than once.   This page aims to encourage you to look at other ways of enjoying your special person and even enjoying yourself.  Life does not stop becaue you have LS, over 17 years, this organisation has been contacted by thousands of people who find a new way of enjoying sex and pleasure. LS challenged them and they have needed to find new areas to explore. Many report that their new ways of seeing sex, seeing their partners and themselves, thinking outside the box, discovering themselves and ignoring social conditioning about 'what should be happening' has given them a much deeper and more satisfying life.  Follow the advice of life coach Cheryl Richardson, who says 'You Can Do It' - many of you have already, even more of you can.  Please feel free to share any links that you have found helpful in making your own love life happy and fulfilling.  Is there sex after LS? YES there is.

How much sex is normal?

The Irony of Intercourse Yes, even if you have LS, successful sex takes time.

Expert help with sex and relationship problems

British Association of Sex Educators

The T Square position - a helpful position for women who have clitoral problems but who wish to enjoy penetration.

10 Ways to have peaceful, loving relationships

Diamond Light Tantra

Health and Sex - about loss of libido.  Someone needs to educate health writers that LS can also do this but some good information here to share.

10 Top Tips for Healing your Love

Erotic Massage  Now come on, part of the purpose of this page is to encourage you to think of other ways to enjoy the person you are with, whether married, with a partner or single and dating.

Slow Sex

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