Unhelpful Beliefs

Everyone has unhelpful beliefs.

You will read many on forums all over the internet and in all health conditions. One of the commonest 'symptoms' of having LS, is not one you will read in any medical document. It is the belief that LS causes everything that happens to you after your diagnosis. For example, many women suffer tearing during intercourse, at the 6 o'clock position.

A recent article, written for the Association sets out to explain that other causes may be responsible and if your beliefs are that LS is the only reason, you may not seek help for a secondary condition that could be the culprit.

A similar situation exists with blistering. So check out the two articles on the Recommended Reading page, by Dr Hope Haefner and Dr Diana Mansour.
A danger of information, is giving across the board statements about LS.

It is unhelpful for patients to read across the board statements, whether they are made by doctors or other patients. A similar situation exists with regard to labeling LS as a pain syndrome. The majority of patients suffer chronic itch and pain is another subject to be explored in a future blog.

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